Sunny Wedding at Ravenswood Historic Site | Livermore Photographer

Monica and Kevin’s wedding day reminded me a lot of my own. It was a laid back, relaxed park setting, and just a fun time of being with your favorite people. My favorite part of weddings like this is that the celebration doesn’t have to be super fancy to be meaningful. But that’s not to say that it can’t still be beautiful! I had never been to Ravenswood before May 11, but I’ve biked past it several times and marveled at it from the road. 🙂

We all arrived at noon and started the “getting ready” part of the afternoon. Kevin and his father and his best man all came already dressed and ready to go, so I took some family photos of them before heading over to the girls’ room to get some shots of the all the small details that Monica had chosen for their day.

One thing I loved about their wedding is that since they’re combining their two families, they chose to have all of their children as the bridal party. The wedding ceremony was not just a union of two people becoming one, but of two families joining together.

Monica and Kevin, thank you for allowing me the privilege of capturing your wedding day!

8 thoughts on “Sunny Wedding at Ravenswood Historic Site | Livermore Photographer

  1. You did a wonderful job! I love that they had their children be their wedding party, such a beautiful story!


  2. Such gorgeous pictures you were able to capture!! I also love what you wrote about the atmosphere being laid back and intimate but so so meaninful- I really got that feeling from the pictures too! 💕


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