Ruby Hill Graduation Photos | Livermore Photographer

Last week I met up with Rachel and we drove out to Ruby Hill to take some photos in her graduation gown! We drove around the loop of the neighborhood as we waited for the skies to clear (let’s be real, they never really did…) and scoped out some spots to get some pictures.

Rachel graduated from Concordia’s online masters program, and didn’t expect to receive a cap and gown since she opted for a day at Disney instead of sitting through the ceremony…not a bad choice! But when the robes arrived in the mail, she thought why not do a photoshoot and at least get some use out of them! After all, she worked hard for the degree and it’s always fun to celebrate a job well done. Rachel’s new degree will help her out with her swim coaching with Ruby Hill Aquatics – her husband co-owns the team and they’re super cool, so be sure to give them a visit at 🙂

Enjoy these photos of our (gloomy but still fun) afternoon at Ruby Hill:

Thanks for letting me take your pictures, Rachel!

8 thoughts on “Ruby Hill Graduation Photos | Livermore Photographer

  1. Amber,
    You did such an Amazing job with these! I had so much fun dodging rain and finding pretty locations in the neighborhood with you! The pictures turned out better than I could of imagined with the weather! I highly recommend doing a photoshoot (even if just for fun!) with Amber!


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